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The Theban alphabet is known by many names, the Witch's Alphabet, the Honorian Alphabet or the Runes of Honorius.  The exact origin is unknown, and lost in the mists of time but historians believe the alphabet dates back to the 11th century as an alchemical cipher.  This occult alphabet is believed to hold power in its symbols.  Many witches used this alphabet throughout time in their Book of Shadows and in their spell workings to make their spells more powerful.  In ancient times witches used this very alphabet to secretly communicate with each other.  Come, join this class and learn step by step how to form the letters of this historically secret alphabet.

To enroll contact: Agatha Bennett

Teacher: Agatha Bennett

Teacher Assistant:  


Class Size: Unlimited

Prerequisite: Orientation

Required Items:

  • A way to print the practice worksheet

  • Any form of writing tools

Optional Items: A flat felt calligraphy pen in the Arts & Crafts section at Walmart.  Do not get metal tip calligraphy pens.